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Norlina Baptist Church







COVID-19 Pandemic



Kelly Allen 

Carly Arkell

Jeff Arkell

Family of Rudolph Atkinson

Lenwood Bailey

Lewis Barker

Kathi Bates

Keith Bolton

Peggy Bowers

William Brannock

 Donna Brogden

Pete Brogden

Ben Bruce

 Donald Bryant

Brian B.

Morgan Bullock 

Allen Burnette 

Janice Burnette

 Robert Burnette 

Bill Burroughs

Michelle Campbell

Sam Carter

Hope Christopal

Wayne C.

Brodie Curtis

Frances Curtis

Julie Darnell

Harry Davison

Skip D. and Family

Maynard Dickerson

Richard Doolittle

Melissa Dunn

Gloria Edmonds

Jeff Egerton

Family of Ed Fitchett

Linda Fitchett

Lisa Fitchett

Al Fleming

Tanya Fleming

Teresa Fleming

Jean Frazier

Brenda Fuller

Gracie Gill

Richard Graham

Emma Greer

Horace Griffin

Willis Gupton

Jeff H.

Johnny Harper

Shirley Harper

Stacey H. 

Dolly Higgs

Bradley Holtzman

Robert Huggins 

Tim Huggins

Hurricane Victims

Gail Hutchins

Gary Jones

Lisa Keeton

Barbara Kempson

Joe Lambertz

Julie Lambertz

Zack Lambertz

Christie Lawhorne

Christy Lipscomb

Tony Lindsey

Tony Lindsey's Mom

Diane Loyd

Eunique Loyd

 Rick Loyd

Candy McAvoy

Andy McClain

Dawson McClain

Cathy Marsh

Donna Martin

Thomas Miller

Richard Mills

Ruth Morgan

Karen Murray

Kathleen Mustian

Davis Myrick

Peggy Newell

Robert Osborne

Shelia Paynter

Stephanie Ranes

Amya Richardson

Bob Rideout

Mrs. Justin Robbins

Desiree Robertson

Stevie Robertson

Danny Robinson

Julia Robinson

Onnie Rose

Alan Rudd


Thomas Salmon

Doug Sheppard

Cindy Simpson

Lawrence Skinner.

Emily Hudson Spencer

Danny Stevenson

  Curtis Tant, Sr.

Jack Tant 

Steve Tart

Kimberly VanDyke.

Georgia VanZant

Harold Vaughan

Gene Walters

Jeanette Walters

Casey Bolyard

Susan Wampler-Bolyard

Harrison West

Sharron West

Julia Wheeler

Melissa Wilkes

Connie Writtenhouse

Wilma Yates (J.C.'s mom)

Howard Yarborough.


Kingdom Prayers

Be Small Enough Ministries

Chairmen of and members of Committees

Pastor Doug and Janie 

Deacons-Servant Leaders

John & Jennifer E. 

Government: (local, state, and U.S.)

Local Missionary Workers

Lost Souls

Ryan and Whitney M. 

Brendon and Katie M.

N.B.C. Baptist Men’s Ministries

N.B.C. Ministries & Church Programs

Norlina Christian School

President Biden & His Advisors

Rebuilding Hope

T.R.C. Tar Roanoke Chaplaincy

United States of America

Vacation Bible School 2022

W.M.U. Ministries

Youth Ministry & Leadership


Nursing Home

All Nursing Home Residents & Staff

Marie Berry 

Louise Harmon. 

Bill King

Virginia Limer 

​Annie Matthews

Audrey P. 

Wanda V.

Military Active Duty

All Deployed to dangerous places

Griffin C.

Jordan C.

Thomas D.

Isaiah D. 

Noah L. 

Ryan M. 

Chris M. 

Calvin P. 

Matt P. 

Elizabeth N. 

Sean W.

Jamal W. 


Salvation, Closer Walk with God or Other Challenges

All the Unsaved

Box of Names

Ben B. 

Brandy B.

Bill B.

Dillan C.

Melissa D. 

Allen E.

Bobbie-Jean R. 

Alisha G.

Todd G.


Joe L., Jr.


Julie L.

Timothy L.

Alexis M.

Angel M.


Valarie M. 

Wayne R.  

Wendy S.& Family 

David T.

Lee T. and Children 

3 Brothers: Stephen, Jeremiah & Simeon 

Kimberly V. 

David W.